The Wolf Creek Ranch


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Among the most beautiful Ranches in all of West Texas, our family has owned and operated  Wolf Creek since 1980.

The Eagle Mountain to the West and the and Van Horn Mountains to the East, this ranch cradles the Green River that runs right through it.

At nearly 25,000 contiguous acres the prime location of this has attracted the University of Texas. Outside of State and National Parks this University  Research Base is among the only on Privately held donated land in the U.S. The easement to the research center is a perfectly maintained county road  going right through the Ranch. The incredible night skies are said to be the darkest in the United States. Perhaps this is why Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin site and Elon Musk's Space X sites are only a few miles away!

Land owners on this ranch are entitled to perks not usually reserved on most ranches in West Texas:

Hunting Rights

Owning a parcel of this ranch entitles you and 2 friends  access to hunt the entire 25,000 acre ranch. As a land owner you can opt out of the seasonal hunting season simply by fencing off your property. Call for details (915) 247-8809 

Water Use

Water is scarce in West Texas; always has been, always will be. The beautiful photos reflect an abundance of water available to this ranch. The Green River, has seasonal flash floods that create a snaking river through parts of the ranch. The water table here is not as deep as many other parts of West Texas. There are 5 wells on the ranch and as a landowner you will have the right to drill your own well for personal use. Call for Details (915) 247-8809


There is an Oil Boom RIGHT NOW in the Trans-Pecos region. They say there is more oil than in Saudi Arabia and the technology behind fracking has once again allowed drillers to reach it. Speculators are abound in Culberson and Hudspeth County as multi-million dollar oil companies head further west each year.

Helios, a Chinese backed, Australian drilling company just hit oil on the other side of the Van Horn Mountain range, only 20 miles from the Wolf Creek Ranch!


These companies can only go as far as the Rio Grande, putting land in this region, although still affordable, at a premium for it's location. A land grab is underway for minerals, and the price of surface tends to follow suit. After all, oil companies need pipelines, roads, sand, infrastructure to get the oil to market. Call me and I will gladly tell you all about my experience dealing with surface use in the Permian Basin.


(915) 247-8809

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